News & Articles

Links to articles or interviews that Mickie James has done. Some will link to things we’ve posted on this website while others will link to other sites.

October 18/2010: Mickie appears in CMA Closeup Magazine.

September 29/2010: An article from the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal about Mickie and a potential reality show.

September 12/2010: A review of Strangers & Angels from

August 10/2010: Video Interview with the Baltimore Sun while working for Maryland Championship Wrestling. For part two click here.

August 6/2010: Article on Mickie’s transition to music from promoting Strangers And Angels.

August 5/2010: Interview with Between the Ropes radio show.

July 15/2010: Strangers & Angels review from, Music News Nashville &

July 8/2010: Article about Mickie’s wrestling beginnings in Maryland and her country music career from the Carroll County Times (Maryland).

July 5/2010: Country Weekly reviews Strangers & Angels here.

June 25/2010: Nationally Syndicated Article by Alex Marvez on Mickie James here.

June 2010: Press release of Mickie doing national TV & Radio in New York City.

May 24/2010: Review of Strangers & Angels by

May 22/2010: Mickie James’ exclusive 10 Question interview with John Canton from

Feb 1/2010: Mickie James featured in Country Weekly magazine.

Dec 31/2009: Mickie James Tag Teams With Country Music from

Dec 30/2009: Mickie James Wrestles With Country from AOL The Boot