Here are some links to everybody who has helped Mickie James along the way.


Sound Kitchen Studios is where Mickie’s first album was recorded and produced by Kent Wells. SKS is one of the most famous and renowned recording studios in Nashville, working with many of the greats in country music.

Ron Browning is Mickie’s voice coach, who has worked with her in and out of the studio to bring out the best, new voice in country music today. Ron is also a jazz musician himself, check out his album.

Matt Roberts provided the photography for the first album. You can follow him on Twitter and MySpace.

Rutsen Eagle is a photographer that took the cover photo of Strangers and Angels as well other work with Mickie. You can visit his website at for more info.

George Wise / WiseVideo and Steven Church provided, produced and directed the video content on You can visit George’s website at

Makeup provided by Milani Cosmetics:

Mickie James is the spokeswoman for The Songs of Love Foundation. A charitable children’s organization that makes personalized music for sick kids. Please visit for information on how to donate.

Mickie’s mother Sandra has a small business located at They have info on body slimming, skin care, supplements and other things to make you look better than ever! Please visit for more info!

Another charity that Mickie James strongly supports is Spirit Rising, which is an organization that assists Native Americans. It is based in her home state of Virginia and helps Native Americans all over The United States. It was started by her late uncle and is now run by her aunt Shannon. Please visit Spirit Rising for information on how to donate to the cause. Below is a painting called ‘Spirit of the Drummaker’ by Mickie’s aunt, Sharon “Gentle Wind” SunEagle.