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Wrestler MICKIE JAMES…a Country Music Singer Too!…Today’s ROCK CHICKS Spotlight Artist!
By Frankie Russo
January 23, 2011

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: Growing up in Virginia, music is clearly what motivates Mickie the most. “Singing and songwriting is something I’ve always enjoyed,” she says. “I used to plug up my mic to my little cassette player and I would record myself singing a song on the radio. I’d play it back and take it to my parents and ask them to listen.” Mickie’s interests would be encouraged and expanded. By the time she was in high school she had already become a published poetry and short story writer, and was offered a scholarship to a prestigious Maine literary arts college. She also spent five years playing violin with her school’s orchestras.

After high school, James planned on attending college, she says, “But my life went down a whole different path with professional wrestling.” Paying her way with earnings from part-time jobs and her professional wrestling matches, Mickie sought out training from some of the legends of the sport.Working with notable promotions such as Ring of Honor and TNA Wrestling, her efforts paid off in the form of a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2003. After spending a period of time in the promotion’s developmental program, the new WWE Diva would quickly climb to the top ranks of women’s professional wrestling. At WrestleMania 22 in 2006, James won her first world championship, defeating the legendary Trish Stratus.

During Mickie’s six-year headlock on the competition, she completed college, earning an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Operations Management. But now the five-time world champion of professional wrestling is ready for new challenges. “Now that I have achieved that goal,” says Mickie, “I am returning to my dreams of a little girl and pursuing music.” Mickie has never lost touch with her music roots. “Anytime I get ready for a match, or when I’m traveling, I listen to my iPod. I hardly ever watch any television because I’m so focused on music and how it enriches my life.”

Mickie continued to write poetry and songs over the years, an at WrestleMania 25 Mickie auctioned off a collection of poems for a charity fundraiser. A chance meeting with a Richmond-area musician Danny Kensey opened the door for her music career. “I started with a poem that I first wrote for my mom,” James says. “I worked with Danny to re-write it into a country music song, and everything took off from there.” Mickie was later introduced to Sherry Massaro of Skyline Management Group, Inc. Things didn’t take off immediately, but it wouldn’t take long to convince Mickie that country music was where she belonged. “I was driving to the gym one day, and this song pops into my head. I wrote the song in five minutes, I pulled my car over, I wrote the song, and I knew this was it.” A few weeks later Mickie met with Sherry again, “and the flood gates started opening!”

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